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Draw and Write Through History

Book 1: Creation through Jonah!

The 1st book in the Draw and Write Through History series covers 4000 B.C. to 600 B.C.

Book 1 brings you on an adventure from the very Beginning!  Fun, educational lessons including Creation, Noah, Tower of Babel, Egyptian Pyramids, China, Joseph and Moses, David, Jonah, and the Trojan Horse, each with their own historical write-up and step-by-step art lessons, ideal for ages 8-and-up. 
Each section begins with artwork of the time period,     followed by step-by-step instructions for each aspect of completing the art.  There are 1-3 pages per drawing with detailed, illustrated steps. The sections conclude handwriting practice that features information about the time period.   Art, History, Bible and Penmanship, all in one, with interesting facts and Bible verses throughout!

Learn History while you draw:

...Wooly Mammoths
...A Pyramid, the spinx
...Moses, David, a Locust
...A giant panda, the Trojan Horse... ...and more! ◊ Chronological histories, including Biblical history.

Professionally Published Books:
   ◊ 64 Full-Color Pages
   ◊ Laminated Softcover
   ◊ Lay-Flat Binding
   ◊ Non-Consumable; use them over and over with an artpad or notebook! 
◊ An excellent supplement to ANY history curriculum!
Reusable & non-consumable! Use with a notebook and/or sketch pad.
◊ Whether you use the classical, Charlotte Mason, or traditional text-book method, your students will retain more of what they have learned by drawing and writing about each time period.
◊ Loved by homeschoolers and great for birthdays, public or private school classrooms!

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Tip: The art in our books was done with Prismacolor pencils!

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