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Draw and Write Through History Book 1: Creation through Jonah

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#5: Napolean to Lady Liberty:
The World of the 1800's

The 5th book in the Draw and Write Through History series.
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Professionally Published Books          
     ◊ Laminated Softcover
     ◊ 64 Full-Color Pages
     ◊ Lay-Flat Binding
     ◊ Non Consumable

Reveal history while you draw:
     ◊ Napolean,The White House
     ◊ A grizzly bear, a bison
     ◊ A steam ship, a steam engine
     ◊ Queen Victoria, the Statue of Liberty
                                          ...and more!  

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Creation to Jonah  |  600BC to 395AD  |  793AD to 1600s
1492 to 1781 |  The 1800s | 20th Century

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